Terms & Conditions

The following General terms and conditions govern the business relations between The StartUP AS, that has the right to operate in Norway as a franchisee under the brand name “Ulla Popken”, called herein “Ulla Popken – Norway” on one side and the visitors and users of the online store that can be found on internet address (domain) ullapopken-norge.no (called further the website) on the other side.
These conditions bind all visitors and users of the website. By clicking on the established hyper-links found on http://www. ullapopken-norge.no server or by paying for the use of offered paid-for services, the user agrees, accepts fully and undertakes to comply with the these General terms and conditions.
The StartUP AS is a company dully established under the laws of Norway, registered in the Norwegian Company registry with organization number 923 969 519.


Ulla Popken Norway online store allows its visitors to browse through and to purchase the goods and services offered for sale on it. The website can be browsed freely without registration. In case the user wants to proceed to a purchase then the registration is mandatory. Each user is bound to fill in the registration form by entering the correct information needed for the invoice issuance and delivery documents, as well as valid mailing address, phone number and email address. By registering in Ulla Popken Norway online store, the user agrees on the General Terms and Conditions and fully accept them

Confidentiality of personal data

The personal data received by Ulla Popken Norway during registration will be used solely and only for the purposes of users service, including acceptance and processing of orders and contact with users in case of problems with the submitted order. Under no circumstances the data will be shared with third parties or used for any purposes than the described above. The users can obtain information in regards to their personal data every weekday between 10:00 am and 21:00 pm by calling the following telephone number:  +….
The user’s registration can be canceled at any time on user’s demand.
Consumer data

•          Name
•          Exact delivery address
•          Contact telephone number (mobile is preferred)
•          Email address
•          Birthday (not mandatory)

The provided information from natural persons is classified as personal and will be kept as such by the Ulla Popken Norway administrator of personal data. If the user refuses to provide his personal data, he will not be able to enjoy the goods and services as offered by Ulla Popken Norway.

The personal data can be used for marketing purposes by Ulla Popken Norway only after the written or by electronic means, consent of the client and only for marketing activities that are being organized by Ulla Popken Norway himself. Under no circumstances the data will be shared with third parties, marketing agencies, advertisement companies etc.

Security of personal data

The user is solely responsible for the protection of the user names and passwords, as well as for any use thereof by third parties. Upon suspicion of unlawful and unauthorized access, stolen or lost user name and/or password the user must inform Ulla Popken Norway immediately as to disallow any access to the personal data.
Ulla Popken Norway offers a high level of data protection as to the website use through crypted communication.
The user is responsible to keep his personal information up to date and to enter therein any changes as to mailing address, telephone number, and email address in a timely manner. Ulla Popken Norway is not liable for any undelivered orders because of inaccurate information and any further expedition will be paid for by the user.


Ulla Popken Norway online store accepts orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any product chosen is to be put in the basket. Before confirming his order, the user can review his basket, make changes of the quantity and his information and then confirm it.
Upon selection of payment method and order confirmation the user is bound to pay its final price. After the payment the online store’s system sends an email confirming the order’s receipt. The auto-generated email is no confirmation from us of the order availability but informs that we have received your order and will now handle it.

The orders are successfully completed and binding only after the successful payment through the virtual POS terminal. When the payment is unsuccessful the order remains in the user’s account until a representative of Ulla Popken Norway contacts the user. The order status can be followed up in real time through the user’s account.

The order can be delayed because of the following reasons:

1. Unavailability of the ordered good.
2. Unsuccessful payment by the user.
3. Wrong or incomplete delivery address or user’s contact number.

Upon delivery problems because of Ulla Popken Norway all additional charges will be covered for by Ulla Popken Norway. In any other cases, any subsequent re-expedition of the order will be covered by the user.

Order statuses

Payment pending: The order is pending until due payment is executed.
Processing: The order is processed by Ulla Popken’s employees.  
On hold: The order is on hold
Completed: The order is forwarded for delivery to a forwarding company
Cancelled: The order is cancelled
Refunded: The has been returned and refunded
Failed: The registration of the order failed

Prices and payment methods

The final price of the order consists of the aggregate of prices of all goods ordered with delivery fee included but stated separately.

All prices are stated in Norwegian Krones with VAT, customs or other taxes included and are not subject to any change from the moment of ordering until the moment of payment.

All orders being placed in our online store are being handled by Ulla Popken Norway and all payments by credit/debit cards are being handled by Klarna. You can read Klarna’s terms of use in the following link: https://www.klarna.com/no/vilkar/

Delivery methods, rates and time

The delivery methods provided by Ulla Popken Norway are as follows:
–           delivery by courier
The delivery to the destination as chosen by the user shall be done within 4 up to 12 business days.

Canceled orders, exchanges and returns

The user has the right to change or return items within 20 days of the date of receipt. The goods must be returned in their original packaging, not damaged intact, unused and with a receipt. The customer is obliged to inform Ulla Popken Norway in writing of their intention to return / replace the goods by email ecom@ullapopken-norge.no. and return them to


Upon returning products already delivered and complying with packaging integrity requirements and new product status, Ulla Popken Norway will order the return of money for the price of the goods within 30 days, depending on the selected payment method.

Upon replacement for product size, Ulla Popken Norway will ship the size you want if it is available. If it is not available, Ulla Popken Norway will contact you for further information.


The content of the website, including photos, graphics, texts, designs, etc., is owned by Ulla Popken Norway. Any use of the above materials listed incompletely on the list, including change, reproduction and distribution without the prior consent of Ulla Popken Norway, will be prosecuted under the law.